Handmade kuber chess table board

Rs.2,999.00Rs.5,999.00 (-50%)

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Materials: solid wood,


Rs.2,999.00Rs.5,999.00 (-50%)


handmade-kuber-chess-table-chess-board This handmade  solid wood chess board is the best option for all chess and wood lovers and a great gift for themselves or for someone else . Is made by best craftsman  with a lot of care to to every step of the process.

Every piece of wood has its own unique color hue so every chess board cannot be exactly the same with any other. This chess board is 100% handmade so every piece we make it may has small differences that makes it unique.


Boarder size: 2 inches (5cm)
Square size: 1.8 inches (4.6cm)
Playing area: 14.5 inches (37cm)
Total size: 18.5 inches (47cm)

Taking care and cleaning the board:

This handmade-kuber-chess-table-chess-board is made of 100% solid wood and that means that it can be affected from exposure to sunlight and humidity for a long period.
Regarding the cleaning of the chessboard: in order to protect the boards we are using a
special acrylic polish that highly protects the wood from small quantities of water.Therefore the perfect way to clean it is just by using a piece of cloth impregnated with a bit of water.Please make sure you drain the cloth properly before you wipe the chessboard.

The chess board comes with pieces of felt under in order to protect the chessboard and the surface that you will use for it.

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